3D-Artifex UG & Co. KG (limited)

Company Profile

3D-Artifex UG & Co. KG is specialized in the 3D industry and offers innovative projects of product and architectual visualization.

Our interdisciplinary specialists visualize and animate family houses, house parks and major projects of the real estate industry, and develop and implement interactive marketing tools for real estate usiing Flash animations for websites and other media sources.

Additionally, we offer a range of services for many different areas and industries. These are for example:

  • Professional exhibition stand planning in 3D
  • Creating banners and construction signs
  • Creating digital visualizations and animations

With our product portfolio we want to appeal to different customers with different needs and support them professionally at any time.

Due to the high demand of 3D applications, we also provide training including the latest 3D software training by Autodesk R. Autodesk R products are the most requested 3D editing programs that are used of more than 10 million professionals in 185 countries for 3D visualization.

Our participants have been tought by our Autodesk R certified instructors. These are mostly from the private sector and have extensive practical experience in the professional use of the software. The results from experiences and requirements of the free market economy have a significant impact on the content of teaching. The participants will be well prepared with practical trainings regarding to the needs of the market or workplace.

By coupling a training center and production, we are looking forward to generate an industry-unusual and unique synergy.


The team consists basically of people who know the 3D industry for more than 7 years. The team of 3D Artifex accordingly has profound and long-standing experience in the sector of 3D and CAD development and production.

Meaning of the companies name

Artifex (which is latin) referred to in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the artisans of the visual arts.



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